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First Impressions

You can tell from the first moment you visit Alluring Vixens that it´s not a typical solo girl site. It´s a softcore collection of pictures, for sure, but these girls are far sexier than most that earn money posing online. They´re all tarted up with sexy outfits, hot hair, and lusty makeup. They´re trying to dive right into your arousal center and make your cock throb. It seems that most of the vixens that populate the site have big tits and nice tans and they sure are fun to admire in the free area. The high quality pictures should be even better.

Hot Promises

They promise more than anything to find the hottest girls possible for their content sets. They also promise frequent updates and there´s a space on the main tour page that lists what has been added and the dates so you know if they´re keeping up with that. They promise webcam shows (although not from the vixens; from other girls), lots of big tits, and some lusty girl-girl posing. It looks like if you want beauty, glamour, and big tits you should be just fine. There are some wicked hot shots you can sample before you have to pay for anything.


Eight of the ladies greet you upon logging in to Alluring Vixens. They´re all hot with big tits so it bodes well for the rest of the site. The webcam calendar, advertisements, and an update list also fill the body of the main page. They´re averaging 3-4 updates per week and as long as that continues into the future the site will grow at a rapid pace. Along the top of the page you´ll find all the navigation links you need. That includes the girls, webcam shows (free), wallpapers, forums, a webcam archive, and bonus content.

There are 21 vixens and they´re all listed on the same page with a preview picture and the amount of content they´ve done. Every girl has appeared in at least two sets and one babe, Barbie, has done 11 total sets. You browse the content by model and the picture is always good enough to help you pick the girl that turns you on the most.

I went with Barbie as my first choice. She´s done six tasty picture sets where she poses in bikinis and lingerie and teases. She is exceptionally hot and glamorous! Like all the other girls you can browse her picture sets on one page and her videos on another. The image galleries tend to have roughly 100 shots each but that can vary. Those shots are all listed on one thumbnailed page. The thumbs are a little small but not bad. The full size pictures display at 1200px and there are no zip files. Considering how new this site is I was a little surprised they didn´t have a high resolution option (somewhere around 3000px) since so many sites of this type do.

The videos are high definition and can be downloaded for your pleasure. They come in WMV and that´s it. They probably should have offered a streaming version, once again to compete with other sites in this same basic genre. Downloads are fast. The only downside to the video presentation is that they don´t provide enough information about them. I want to see some screenshots and get a decent description of what happens during the set.

If you´ve been to the tour then you know that Alluring Vixens stands out from the crowd of sites in the solo softcore genre. Most sites concentrate on making the girls as cute and sweet as possible. Sometimes the girls go the sexy route but they rarely go the glamorous route that´s pursued here with such vigor. It starts with the models. They almost all have big tits and they´re typically tanned. When they´re done up for the galleries they´re put in sexy makeup and their hair is typically all teased out and sexy. They´re basically given the pornstar treatment. It´s glamour and sexiness to a high degree and for some I know it will be the most arousing thing possible.

They´ve turned the girls into vehicles for sexual desire. They are the purest representation of sex that a solo woman can be. Everything about them says that they want to fuck, outside of the fact that they´re not fucking since it´s a solo site. Their eyes are always sparkling with desire, their smiles are always a little bit lusty, and their bodies always look primed for sexual intercourse. That´s the point of the site and it´s well executed.

Bikinis and lingerie sets are the basic outfit of every girl. Whatever they wear you can count on it being exceptionally skimpy. The bikinis are almost always thongs or g-strings and they cover very little flesh. The lingerie is often lacey and sometimes sheer. Again, it´s all about being sexy and arousing and making you think about fucking. The site is strictly softcore and some of the girls don´t show their tits or pussies. They´ll all get very skimpy and most will even get nude but the shy girls will hold their hands over their tits and boxes. It doesn´t make a huge difference, honestly. The site is about the sexuality the girls exude more than their naked tits. That being said, there are plenty of naked boobs here.

The wallpaper gallery features 14 selections at four resolutions. They star different girls from the site. There are a couple of webcam shows per week and they´re done by babes not on Alluring Vixens. They´re still entertaining though. There´s a webcam show archive so you can see past action. The bonus sections are actually just advertisements for other sites. Some come in the form of short videos but it feels annoying.

Croco´s Opinion

Alluring Vixens is a sexually charged, glamorous porn site starring girls with big tits, hot lingerie, lusty makeup, and a desire to turn you on. These girls are the embodiment of outsized sexuality and desire and it looks good when they put all that on screen. They update several times a week and new girls with great bodies and the desire to pose are always being discovered. The site is still a little small but that´s mostly due to their recent launch. As long as they keep updating at a good pace they´ll get big enough to be well worth the money you spend for a membership.


The tabs at the top of the page make navigation easy. A little more info about the videos would have been appreciated.

Pricing Policy

It´s $29.95 for 30 days access.

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